The lowest price guarantee.
On each of our products we guarantee that you pay the lowest price.
Because we deliver direct from manufacturer to consumers we can offer very sharp prices.
Even so sharp that we guarantee you that you find the same product nowhere cheaper.
In case you may still find a cheaper deal elsewhere, we want to hear from you.
We guarantee you a lower offer!



Send the following information to to get the lowest price guarantee from 

   - Your name and email address
   - The store / website of the cheaper product (possibly with link)
   - The product


Please take into account the following conditions:

The products to qualify for the PetsSupermart guarantee come from the same brand, new and in the original packaging.
PetsSupermart must be able to check the price difference on the basis of a price list or advertisement.
Guarantee does not apply to discount or sales of competing colleagues/webshops.
Lowest Price Guarantee is not possible on already purchased products.
The company must be based in the Netherlands and registered with the Chamber of Commerce.
We hope to have informed you to your desire.


Happy shopping
Team PetsSupermart