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Welcome in the wonderful world of nutrition and care for your horse, dog and cat.
Click in and discover all the products that can make the life of your animal(s) healthier and happier.
With over 35 years experience in horse and dog care we pride ourselves in market leadership, high quality, contemporary and traditional products at unbeatable prices.

PetsSupermart delivers these days not only in Europe but also animal owners in Russia, Suriname, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Japan are now taking optimal care of their animals with products from our range.

All animals are dependent on the care they receive from their owners, with our extensive range of over 6000 high quality products you can meet all their needs.



Topclass customer service !
We sell not only thousands of great products but also offer services.
You can contact us thru the Request Form if you have specific questions about a product or need more information.
By telephone under 0031 613006863.
Even your individual problems can be put here with us to discuss.
Try it, our team is allways ready for you !

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Our History

PetsSupermart.com the first Dutch portal dedicated to the world of animals.
Output on line (November 1989), PetsSupermart.com is an established reality in the European Internet.

PetsSupermart.com was created by a group of passionate and talented professionals in various sectors of the animal world to help you live the best possible way together with your pet.

Our Mission

We at PetsSupermart.com us feel involved and responsible for the quality of our services because we are primarily owners and animal lovers: that is why we know what the needs and emotions are related to health, happiness and everyday life of our mutual friends.

Our first concern is therefore to provide proper assistance in animal care and concrete help to solve problems affecting the world of animals: we can do that effectively through information, and various thematic headings.

What we offer

On PetsSupermart.com you can find everything you need to entertain, inform, treat and - why not? - Pamper your animal.

Our Online Services are offered free to our visitors to enable them to meet their every need at any time and curiosity.

PetsSupermart.com also offers the chance to buy - no minimum spending requirement and safely - a wide range of over 6000 high quality products ranging from supplements and every kind of accessory or gadget.
Discover each week the great deals that we offer and gifts provided by our portal.
Prices? Absolutely Affordable.

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