We carry a vast range of products, often you already know what you want and where your pet responds to the best.
It can happen that you are looking for a product, but among the many you’ll find it hard to choose which.

All products in our range are tested by our own team and by customers on actions, use and viewed on price / quality.

On this basis, a product may receive a rosette.

1st Choice rosette, the product has absolutely proven itself in several cases and the effects and actions are only to be praised.


Rosette best choice, if the product is good but slightly less effective in the test animals as first choice.

It is possible that your animal is more responsive to a different product, we only give you this as a guide to make your choice easier.

Several products can get the same rosette as the test results are equal.
Can a B rosette become a first choice?
Yes, if for instance, the compositions, or any flavor are improved.

I use a product without rosette, is it bad and should I switch?
No, you do not need to switch the product on your animal if it is doing what it should do - Good = Good.
Only when in doubt it is a recommendation to switch.