Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder. Nutrition and fun for chickens.
Article number: 845
€ 6,95 Included VAT
Price / piece
  • Hentastic Stick Holder
  • Hentastic Sticks 6x 85gr. -> € -2,58

Total for this configuration: € 6,95
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Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder


Our bespoke Hentastic® Chick Stick Feeder is a great way to help give your chickens the nutrition they need throughout the day. Popular with many types of poultry, this chicken feeder is designed exclusively for our Hentastic chick sticks. Simply hang the feeder at a good pecking height and let the chickens approach the feeder at their own pace, remember it may take them time to adjust to something new. This feeder is a great boredom busting treat, creating a feeding frenzy!

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