Verm-X POWDER for Horses. Natural control of internal parasites.
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Verm-X POWDER for horses.

* Verm-X is extremely palatable.
* Verm-X has no known resistance.
* Verm-X has a gentler action and doesn’t disrupt the existing essential flora in the gut.

Verm-X may be used solely or as part of a rotational worming programme.

Verm-X for Horses and Ponies is available in powder, pellet and liquid formulations.
All forms are equally effective, offering three different application options depending on your parasite control programme.

Verm-X powder is fed every 12 weeks as 5-day courses whilst the pellets, also designed for 5-day courses, can be fed from the hand as a treat.
Verm-X liquid is fed for three days each month. 

As well as parasitic-controlling herbs there are herbs for blood cleansing and others for gut maintenance.
Our clients tell us how well their horses and ponies look after using Verm-X. 

We recommend that all horses and ponies have regular parasite checks to avoid unnecessary control programmes.
When using Verm-X, parasite tests should be performed 21 days after the last day Verm-X is fed.

The herbs included in Verm-X have been carefully blended together to work synergistically with each other.
Independent trials have proven that the herbal blend works (i.e. repels parasites). There have also been several reports from horse owners that their horses looked ‘extremely well’ following feeding on
Jenny Franklin from Chapel en le Frith in Derbyshire wrote in to say: “What an amazing difference in Sam (her horse), his coat became so silky, very large dapples have appeared on his rump, and his belly has become a nice barrel shape”.

The following herbs are all found in Verm-X:
- GARLIC ( Allium Sativum), Garlic is well known for its many and effective properties.
- CAYENNE (Capsium Minimum), Cayenne is also a ’tonic’ which supports the bodies normal function and promotes ’well being’ and aids digestion.
- CINNAMON (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum), Cinnamon also supports all digestive systems and eases muscle tension.
- THYME (Thymus Vulgaris), Thyme is also a ’tonic’ which supports the bodies normal
function and promotes ’well being’ and supports the immune system.
- PEPPERMINT (Mentha Piperita), Peppermint assists the flow of digestive juices and
relaxes gut muscles.

  • A 100% herbal formulation specifically for the control of internal parasites designed by world renowned herbalists.

  • You do not have to give any personal details when purchasing.

  • Verm-X is completely natural and is ideal for horses kept on organic farms.

  • Used widely on horses in the peak of fitness and competition, the herbs are gentle on the digestive system.

  • Verm-X is extremely palatable and has no known resistance.

  • The Veteran Horse Society recommends Verm-X for older horses.

A Message from Holistic Vet:
Nick Thompson BVM&S, VetMFHom, MRCVS

Our holistic vet Nick Thompson gives his views on the natural power of herbs:
"Having an effective product that contains herbs able to control internal parasites, condition the gut and promote health is, for me, a revelation...
It is reassuring to know there is a health product one can rely on that provides cover without damaging ourselves, our animals or our planet..."
Read his whole article here.

Feed one scoop (8gr. enclosed in each packet) twice per day in your horses/ponies (dampened) feed for five consecutive days.
Use half the stated amount for ponies 11.2hh and smaller miniature breeds.
Repeat every 10/12 weeks throughout the year.

Verm-X may be used solely every 10/12 weeks or as part of a rotational worming programme.
For example if you worm your horse, say, five times per year you could utilise Verm-X
three of those times and a conventional horse wormer the remainder.

Feed half the amount to horses and ponies between 6-18 months and feed the full adult amount at 18 months old.

VERM-X POWDER FOR HORSES is available in:


Allium sativum, cinnamomum zelandicum, mentha piperita, thymus vulgaris, galium aperine, capsicum minimum.


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