Cheval International from America
Rapide Horse and Leather Care
   Natural Animal Feeds from England.
NAF (Natural Animal Feeds) are renowned throughout the world for our extensive range of equine feed supplements and care products. 
NAF also produce a select range of canine dietary supplements and nutritional support products for poultry and game birds. 
The NAF Equine range includes nutritional support products for joints and soundness, hooves and skin, respiratory health, digestion and behaviour, support of the immune system, the veteran horse and the performance horse, plus broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements, and a range of care and first aid applications.
All NAF products are acknowledged as non medicinal formulas by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate, and they comply with EU regulations with regard to formulations, ingredients and packaging.

Equimins from England
         Equilite from America
   Hilton Herbs from England
                Dr. Schaette from Germany
                 Cowboy Magic from America
         Absorbine from America

 Cai-Pan from Denmark
                       Dettol from Reckitt Benckiser
  Chi International from the Netherlands

                    Farnam from America
  Grand Meadows from America
   Farriers Formula from America
  Wendals Herbs from England

       Hydrophane from Engeland

       Cut Heal uit England

       Alto Lab from England

    Equine Health & Herbal from England

    Caltech from England

    Barrier Animal Health from England

   Keratex from England

   Equine Products from England

   Lincoln from England